Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ok you convinced me!

Ok I have noticed that a few friends & family of mine have been blogging. I really enjoy reading them so I decided why not. I am sure I will have enough to write about with as crazy as Baylee is & Cullen following right behind him.

Today we had a great day. I woke up & realized we didn't have any plans. So after the boys let me get in a work out I decided to take them to the movies. My last movie experience with Baylee was Toy Story 3 & I was very pregnant at that time. He was crazy climbing all over the seat & running up & down the aisle. By the time the move was over I was practically running out of the theater. Well that was last summer so I was hoping he would do much better this time.
We went to the early bird showing of Gnomeo & Juliet. I got there a little late hoping to miss the previews. We got popcorn & m&ms too. We walked in & the theater was empty! Baylee climbed up on the seat with his popcorn & was so excited to be watching the move. It was adorable. I enjoyed watching him more than watching the movie. At one point he stuck out his "buzz lightyear" arm (he pretends to shoot with it) & was shooting at the gnomes. He danced & loved all the songs. Cullen did great too! Just talking away while the movie went on.
I am so greatful that I am able to stay at home just to enjoy little dates like this with my boys.