Monday, August 22, 2011

Movie Night at the Park

So when we moved to Beaumont part of me was sad to leave Redlands behind. We lived there for 6 years but we needed to get into a house & Beaumont seemed to be calling our name. I am so happy we live here now. We have a great neighborhood! Beaumont has festivals all the time, market night, concerts & movie in the park. It is such a great time with family & friends. Free bounce houses, face painting & movie. The kids always have a great time & I love spending time with family.



Well I always knew that I wanted to be a stay at home mom. Thats why I never went to college. I just worked up until 2 days before having Baylee. Now my kids are my job, my priority, my joy!
But when I was younger I never thought of my social life when staying at home with the kids. I could have never imagined that God would not only bless me with my amazing kids but the best friendships I have ever had in my life!  Being a part of my moms group keeps me sane, entertained, busy as a bee & even that much more greatful that I am not working!
My friends are always there to have fun with! We laugh, we dress up, we dance, we drink, we take our kids everywhere with us, we are there for eachother in moments when the kids have pushed us to the end of our rope & pull eachother back in.   Thank you to all my amazing friends! You girls are the best. Thank you to my Husband that works so hard so I can spend all week hanging out with my kids & our friends. Thank you God for giving my so much more then I ever deserve!

Here are some "Prom" pics:)

Popsicles & Forts

Its HOT!! I do not handle the heat well at all. I take the boys outside in the backyard every day to get some energy out. On days like today the heat was too much for us. With in 15 minutes both of their cheeks were rosy & they just wanted to sit under the canopy with me. So I decided to come inside & make the most of our day without being outside. We do this once or twice a week. I build the fort, get the otterpops & we play in there for about 45 minutes before baylee starts tearing it apart. I know my boys love forts & otterpops so its becoming one of my favorite memories with them.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back Seat Driver

I have one! Every where we go I have my little back seat driver criticizing my every turn in the car. He tells me "Mom! Mom! You are going to fast, you need to slow down". Well I am probably the slowest driver out there but if you asked Baylee he would tell you I drive too fast.
But its not just me "Daddy slow down, You are going to fast!".... I agree with him on that one!

"Mom that truck is ridiculous"

"Mommy its Captain America!" Pointing at the 76 station sign

Today while driving home from my moms he tells me "Mom, you are going the wrong way! You need to turn left! Mom you need to turn around & go left!"  It just made me laugh. Not sure how he knows right from left but he was very serious that I needed to turn around...
I know whatever I do in the car he is back there watching my every move, so I guess I better behave & not break any law or I will have my personal police back there to tell me to slow down!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

These Boys

Can it really be August already?? I dont want to believe it because that means next month my babies will be one & three years old!! Time really flies when you are having fun but it flies faster when you are blessed beyond words. Thats how I feel about my life. Not only do I have an amazing husband but 2 amazing sons.

Cullen is an overachiever like his dad & brother. Walking by 9 months & following Baylee around almost every moment of the day. He is such a happy baby. Loves to play outside, loves to play with his brother, his daddy & his mommy:)  He loves his bff gavin except when he's getting tackled. He loves food & lately all about the pacifier. Since his birthday is approaching I am getting emotional. I really want my baby to stay a baby!  He is such a light in our life.

We will be dedicating him this weekend.  God really knows what we need in our lives. Cullen came at the perfect time & is an amazing addition to this family.  I am so happy that Baylee has a brother.

I always thought I knew what I wanted. When I was pregnant with Baylee I KNEW he was a girl. I referred to my belly as a girl all the time. What a shock to find out I had a little Baylee in there.  I know that Baylee has made me a stronger person.  He is a wild child. Loves spiderman & all super heros.  He has been telling me everyday that he wants a "Captian America Birthday Party & daddy to dress up like captain america, I will be spiderman & mommy will be Firestar. .... Oh yeah & Cullen will be Iceman!"

Since Cullen has started walking the fighting has begun. They fight over toys & the chair & food & who plays with daddy & who cuddles with mommy.  Somedays I find myself saying.... "Baylee get down, Baylee no jumping, Baylee no tackling your brother, Say your sorry, Baylee no kicking your brother, Baylee dont push him off the chair, Baylee can you share your cereal, Baylee leave Cullen alone!, Baylee Cullen is just a baby, Baylee dont do this, Baylee dont do that!!"Yet Cullen still wants to play by Baylee side, so I know he loves & adores him. 

Baylee knows what he likes, will never let anyone push him around. He may be little but he is my tuff  guy that loves life!!  He tells me every day & I hope it never ends,
"Mom your are my best friends."
So I tell him, "Baylee Your my best friend too!"
"Thanks MOM!"
He just melts my heart everyday!