Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A New Start!

So I started this blog & then my life became hectic so I havent updated it in a long time.  We were living in our packed up apartment for 6 weeks. I was going crazy living with boxes, a toddler & a crawling baby.  But thank God everything fell into place at the right time for us even though escrow closed 2 weeks late.
Moving went smoothly but I couldnt believe all the stuff we have!!
Now we are enjoying our new home! It felt like home right away for us. The boys adjusted great & we couldnt have found a more perfect home for us. Its so nice for Tommy & I to have our own room again after sharing it with Cullen for 7 months. Baylee is loving the backyard! He loves to go & play with the hose, throw dirt & play with the next door neighbors dog through the fence. Cullen has lots of room to crawl around and explore.
I cannot believe my baby is 7 & a half months old. He had his 1st haircut! He went from army crawl to crawling on all 4s to pulling himself to stand to cruising on the furniture with in a couple of weeks. Time flies! I guess he's just trying to keep up with his crazy brother. 
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last month...
Cullen in a dinosaurs mouth at Cabazon

                                              Baylee riding a baby dino
              Baylee enjoying a soda after what looks like a great nap. Bedhead!!
                                 Cullen standing every chance he gets
                                 Baylee with his buddies at the water park
                                            The water was cold
                                      They love to play in the bath together
                               Enjoying our backyard... Love my Cullen
                                               & love my Baylee
                                               Cullen's 1st haircut
                                                 Me & my boys!

Well hopefully I will be better about keeping this blog updated!! Thank you God for all you have given us:)