Thursday, September 29, 2011

Living in a Super Hero World

I have a house full of Superheros.
They are always coming to rescue & I fall in love.
Spiderman & Superman are regulars here but we had a few superheros over to celebrate!

Baylee is 3!!

My goodness. It has been a crazy three years with my Bayleekins. He brings so much life & energy into a room. He is so much fun to be around. The night before his 3rd birthday was so emotional & hard for me. I stayed up all night thinking of all our fun memories. How much has grown & changed & yet is my same Baylee!! He is still the pickiest eater choosing bed over eating what I cooked for dinner some nights. He LOVES super heros. I think he probably wears a spiderman shirt 6 days a week. He loves to play rough with his brother but is the 1st to come to his defense when he sees other kids approaching him or taking his toy. He loves his family & friends and prays for them every night. He loves Awanas. He loves music & loves to dance. He loves to color & do crafts. Most of all he loves to run around like a maniac. And those are just a few reasons why I love him. He knows at such a young age who he is & what he likes. He is my pride & joy. Never a dull moment.

Sept 23rd, 2008
Weighing in at 5lbs 15oz

The morning of his 1st birthday
Weighing in at 17lbs

1st birthday picture

Sept 23rd, 2010
Weighing in at 20lbs

Sept 23rd 2011
Weighing in at 24.5lbs

My big 3 year old!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


We had such a great family day at Disneyland celebrating Tommy, Baylee & Cullen. I guess having 3 September birthdays worked out great. The day was full of smiles, laughing & just joy on their faces.
Baylee was definately the lucky one. Getting to go on every ride (I think it was 18!!) while Cullen napped & we took turns taking him on rides. The lines were short, the weather was perfect. Baylee waited patiently in line & never cried when he had to get off. Cullen did good too. He got alittle antsy at times. So we would take a break & let him walk around & play. He only took 1 short nap but he lasted all day. It was a great distraction from my emotions of my babies turning 1 & 3. I love my little family!!

                                                               Serious Astro Blasting
                                                                      My Big Boy

                                                 Tommy working hard to spin the teacup
                                                                     Baylee Helping
                                                                   He was so excited
                                                                      So was Baylee
                                                             Trying to distract him in line
                                                                           it didnt last
                                                                 Getting some energy out
                                                                     Its a small world

                                                             Baylee wanted every hat
                                                                        Meeting Goofy
                                                           Gotta run around some more
                                                          Ready for Toy Story Mania
                                                                     My Little Family
                                                                    The Birthday Boys
                                                                  Me & my Bayleekins
                                                                    Playing in the water

                                                               Last picture of the day!!