Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cullen is 1!!

Wow really?! My baby is 1 year old. I feel like I blinked & the year was gone. I feel like yesterday I was holding my newborn baby sleeping so peacefully in my arms. Now I am chasing him all over the place.  He is amazing. So sweet & full of life! Always bringing a smile to my face.

When he was born he
weighed 6lbs 14oz
had dark brown hair
blue eyes
an italian complexion:)
loved to sleep
loved his crib
wouldnt take a pacifier but loved to suck his thumb

well what a difference a year makes on his 1st birthday he
weighs 17lbs
has blonde hair
hazel eyes
fair complexion
still loves to sleep
still loves his crib
loves his pacifier!!
And he now has 4 teeth

He loves to play with his brother. And by play I mean run away from his & get tackled. He really does love it though. He laughs the whole time.
He is not a picky eater. He will eat almost everything I have ever given him.
He loves to play outside & go down the slide.
He follows his daddy every where, already his hero!
He loves to be tickled.
He plays catch.
He loves to get into everything.
If he hears the refrigerator or the pantry open he is there in a heart beat.
Like his brother he is an overachiever!!

Wow what a year & what a blessing he is!!

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