Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh How I Love My Hubby!!

So people have been asking how my suprise date was yesterday with Tommy. So I have to blog this because this was such a suprise & one of the most romantic if not THE most romantic things he has ever done for me.

Yesterday started off like any other day. Waking up taking care of the kids as Tommy is getting ready to go to work. My mom offered to watch the boys so my sister & I could do a Ross trip kiddie free. Of course I jumped at the chance to go shopping with out them. So they played at my moms for a couple hours then we got home just in time for naps. Cullen slept 3 hours & baylee slept 2. It was such a nice relaxing day.

Well 5 o'clock hits & I hadnt heard from Tommy all day. So we decided to call him to ask when he would be home.... no answer. But less then 5 minutes later he walks in the door with a card & a rose. He said I have a suprise for you. Go get in my truck & follow the directions. Of course I already had the biggest smile on my face. I was so excited. The directions take me to a place called Sole so Happy.  I walked in & got a wonderful relaxing 30 minute back massage. Of couse I was still smiling the entire time.

Step 2 was in the car for directions to the next step.  I open it & it says to go back home. So I am thinking how great he probably just cooked dinner. Well when I get there the car is gone. There is another note that says to follow the red rose petals which lead to a bath filled with rose petals & a bottle of wine. The next card said to enjoy the bath for 30 minutes then follow the white rose petals.  So I got my Twilight book & drank the wine & just RELAXED!! No kids crying in the next room or tv or music or anything. Just a nice relaxing bath.

So then I follow the white rose petals that lead to the closet where had a picked out an "outfit" for me & told me to text him when I was done with the bath.........

So after that:)  He had picked up dinner & we enjoyed talking over dinner for about an hour & just having some good quality time. 

I am so blessed to have a husband that was thinking of me & did all this planning, found a baby sitter & let me relax. There was no special occasion, no birthday or anniversary, it was all just because!!  I felt so loved by him yesterday. I love him so much. I have been head over heels for him since the 1st day I met him.